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Red Rocks Truths

We are in the business of possibility. We help clients paint a concrete picture of possibility on Amazon for their business. We then work together to turn that possibility into results.

‘Strong and scrappy’ – how our client described us to his friend, who was looking for help in getting to his 1st million on Amazon.

A small business can grow without Amazon.
But a small business can not scale without Amazon.

No other distribution channel offers the same level and velocityof scale and reach as Amazon. 

Mastery requires focus. We choose to do one thing well:
bring no BS Amazon opportunities to small businesses ready for it.

Ready to make things happen
on Amazon?


Irina Balyurko

Irina Balyurko is an e-commerce strategist who helps product-based brands launch and thrive on the Amazon platform. Over her career, Irina has helped hundreds of brands generate millions of dollars in sales on Amazon, and achieve such results as, doubling sales in 3 months, and growing over 500% in sales in a year.

Irina holds an MBA, and had a successful career at Goldman Sachs prior to finding her true calling in e-commerce. She blends her analytical corporate experience with her Amazon expertise to help brands craft and implement effective launch and growth strategies.

Irina’s ‘genius zone’: laser focus to extract faster ROI while still operating within long term strategic framework.


Megan Reichard

Megan has been in the retail business for almost 2 decades having generated millions of dollars in revenue from both the brick-and-mortar and e-commerce marketplaces. Coming from a line of entrepreneurs, and founder of several companies herself; she is passionate about helping companies serve the greatest amount of potential customers. Megan is also a licensed acupuncturist and enjoys using Chinese Medical psychology in her marketing.

Megan’s ‘genius zone’: uncover subtle angles in brand positioning and marketing to maximize brand awareness and revenue.