We are always excited to see new features in brand content space!

Amazon  constantly rolls out new capabilities for 3rd party sellers. Sometimes Amazon  even announces these rollouts, but more often that not we come across them in Seller Central dashboard. And since we live in the Amazon ecosystem, we share them here, so you can take advantage of new features to help you grow.

Most recent one is Manage and Upload Documents option, which can be found in Manage Product Documents section of Seller Central  (Brand Registry required).


What does this feature offer?

An option to upload a wide selection of supporting documents, from user guides, to size guides, to product compliance information, to FAQs.

Once supporting document is uploaded it will go through the review process similar to an A+ page and Storefront approval.

After the approval customers and see and download it from the product’s page.


What this feature is great and why you should explore it?

  1. Squeeze more value out of product pages, which are bread and butter for any brand’s sales, as well as brand equity on Amazon.
  2. Give customers option to download instructions from the product page, rather than sending upset messages. We know that user errors do exist, and this option can help minimize confusion or incorrect usage of products.
  3. Building on the above, potentially prevent bad reviews due to bad user experience.
  4. Help buyers make more educated buying decisions.


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